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Kayla Carlson is an artist living in Portland, Oregon. Her current work consists primarily of  drawings in black ink and gauche on paper and wood. She grew up in Japan and the Netherlands, and received her BFA as a Trustee Scholar from Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida. She has shown work in solo and group exhibits in Florida, New York and Oregon.


I seek to create a peaceful space, utilizing nature’s rhythm and order. Through repetitive arrangements of familiar forms in nature, the specific organisms and surfaces of nature tend to change, to blend. Land and sea life merge, and inhabit the same built out spaces like tide pools and caves. Exact depictions of a certain plant or rock are interpreted, and when put to paper become their own. Since moving to Oregon, I've started developing my own library of sorts, such as a book of rocks that serves to developer my own visual language. By limiting myself to one pen, along with other imposed parameters, I am able to dig deeper into the nuances of these created spaces. I hope that when the viewer to tries to identify specifics, they draw from their own knowledge and memories.

Lately I have primarily drawn cats, attempting to capture their way ( or what I imagine they'd be like if they could share our habits, like drinking coffee). Cats are incredible, historical, and I believe are full of similar wonder, curiosity and temperament as ourselves.


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